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web-video-production-youtube-videosRobert Kyncl, YouTube’s head of global partnerships, took the stage at CES 2012 and made some bold claims that should make every business owner stand up and listen.  Kyncl said that in the next 10 years, 75% of all new channels will be Internet channels.

Is it really that bold though? Think about it; pretty soon all channels, whether on television or the internet, will be available on TVs, computers, cell phones, tablets and any device you can think of. Everything’s going mobile and mobile adapts well to video.

YouTube logged a trillion hits in 2011. You read that right…A TRILLION.  Do I have to tell you what that means? It means video is HUGE! And any business, big or small, that refuses to act on that golden gem of information is taking a huge risk of being left behind, forgotten, downright kicked to the curb.

Don’t get left behind. Claim your stake on YouTube…and beyond!

What Would You Do With A Web Video?

Epic Videos

Perfect for high power presentations, product roll outs and web site videos that demand attention. Epic Videos create excitement and convert sales better than your standard introduction video.

Business Introduction and Marketing Videos

Use animated graphics, animated text and music. Perfect to upload and market on YouTube, Facebook Page, Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Maps and embed on your website or mobile website.

Training Videos

Most cost effective way to get new employees and business partners up to speed with a consistent training platform. Also a great reference when help is unavailable. Upload to internal server for employee use only or make public on YouTube or Vimeo.

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How it Works

video production services step 1 When you place your order, you’ll receive instructions on how to send us your videos clips and pictures, a link to a list of music you can choose from (we can also pick the music based on your style preference) and a video production questionnaire.
 video production services step 2 3 days after we receive your video, pictures, music preference and production questionnaire, you will receive a link to your video proof. View your video and either send back your final approval or any edits. If you requested edits, 2 days later you will receive notice that your video is finished and awaiting your final approval.
 video production services step 3 On final approval, you will receive a link to download your MPEG4 video which can be burned onto a dvd, embedded on your website or uploaded to any video sharing service on the internet.
web video production bonus

Free upload to your YouTube account. If you don’t have one, we will open one for you and send the login information along with a link you can use anywhere on the internet.

Video Production


Marketing Video

    • 1.5 minute video
    • Up to 15 pictures (depending on tempo)
    • Include Video Clips
    • Custom transitions and fades
    • Custom background music
    • Quick Turn Around
    • Free Upload to YouTube

Epic Video*

    • 1.5 minute video
    • Includes Animated Backgrounds
    • Includes Animated Text
    • Custom transitions and fades
    • Custom background music and voice
    • Quick Turn Around
    • Free Upload to YouTube

*Epic Video add $50
Customer is responsible for content and pictures.
Schedule 1 hour of on-site video and pictures within 25 miles of the Tampa Bay area – $125



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